“About 100 thousand years ago, the ancient beds of the Lena River welcomed the first prehistoric peoples. It was in the heart of the fertile lands of this valley that different villages were implanted, intensifying the circulation of people and goods, justifying the local toponymy, as a fundamental point in the region's road network. Porto de MOS, the port of millstones, as traditionally defined, clearly denounces the relationship with the pier, while reinforcing the innovative capacity related to the development of rural milling technologies in water mills and, later, in mills of wind, with its usual millstones, symbolic elements that will, in fact, be used to represent the village itself, in its heraldic definition.” (Porto de Mós City Council)

Centuries later, the ceramic industry becomes one of the region's main economic activities. In 1988, in Porto de Mós, Deartis is founded, dedicated to the production of ceramics, it’s a family company that has followed the development of ceramics throughout its history. The MOS brand was born in 2015, in order to take the name of Porto de Mós further, recognizing the innovative capacity demonstrated since ancient times and which makes us proud.

MOS intends to take to all over the world the products produced in our region, by our people joining the most modern production methods with the oldest knowledge from the ceramic tradition of our region. The inspiration in the traditional and handcrafted pieces from the past joined with the trends in the design and aesthetics of the present is the main concept of our brand and it’s reflected in our collection. Our brand essentially creates fine stoneware tableware that’s complemented with some decorative earthenware vases and candles.